Boelsz Audio was founded to be able to supply high-quality speakers at an attractive price to music lovers. In order to be able to offer a complete high-quality set, other audio components such as amplifiers and digital audio players were added to the delivery program later. We have always searched for products that will work without problems for many years and offer a lot of musical pleasure at a competitive price.

On this page you will find the manufacturers of our products.


This manufacturer has been aiming to build high-end loudspeakers since 1994. This is also reflected in the name, because Aurum Cantus means Golden Song in Latin. That Aurum Cantus builds good loudspeakers is shown by the fact that this loudspeaker brand in China has won many 'awards' and has received positive reviews from various well-known audio magazines from around the world.



The JFeng Digital streamers excel in sound quality and very extensive features at a competitive price.


Audreal is manufactured by the renowned Chinese manufacturer Xindak especially for the American and European markets. Audreal's products are characterized by offering excellent sound and build quality, also by being a new benchmark in the price / quality ratio. Very positive reviews have been published in various magazines and on various websites.



The Matrix Audio products have the most modern techniques and components, are excellently built and sound very good. As a result, they will provide years of use and listening pleasure.



Kinki Studio was founded in 2008 and is committed to designing and manufacturing high quality audio components. They are focused on the purest reproduction and avoidance of distortion.

Kinki Studio strives to achieve the best results by craftsmanship and using the most advanced technologies available.