Xindak Power Conditioners and cables

On this page you can find the power conditioners and cables of Xindak.

Xindak is a Chinese manufacturer with more than 25 years of experience in designing and building high quality products for very sharp prices.


Power Conditioners

The XF series of products is a range of high quality power conditioners, which can solve the problems of spurious tone, cluttered sound and distorted images. These problems are caused by the noise and pollution coming in through the power network.
This series uses a multi-level, two-way precise filter network. In addition, it also adds a new function for detecting and adjusting the AC phase. The user can correct the connections of the live line and the zero line based on the phase detection result. Correct phase of the power supply is important for optimal sound quality.

This series of power conditioners has separate connections for each type of hi-fi equipment to be connected: preamplifiers, power amplifiers/integrated amplifiers, digital and analog sources. As a result, each connected device will operate with a specific and targeted filtering and there will be no loss of dynamics or negative sound change from connected equipment to each other.



The XF-2000ES power conditioner features a convenient blue illuminated voltmeter that lets you know at a glance if the power supplied by your main power system is correct for your audio equipment.


Technical specifications:

  • Phase detector
  • Max Volt Peak: 3000V
  • Noise filter: -10dB~-55dB(2-100 MHz)
  • Power: AC250V 10A Max.
  • Output Sockets via built-in transformer for sources (balanced power supply): 1A (2 pcs)
  • Output Sockets for digital sources: 3A (2 pcs)
  • Output Sockets for pre-amplifier/accessories: 5A (2 pcs)
  • Output sockets for power/integrated amplifier: 5.5A (2 pcs.)


Xindak XF-2000ES

€ 649,00

  • 8 kg
  • Available
  • Levertijd: 10-15 dagen

Power Cables

FP Silver

The FP silver cable is made of multi-stranded copper wire and silver wire without oxidation intertwined with each other using a special technology and melted using the most advanced vacuum melting technology. This type of wire can handle a very high current and has a high transmission rate, with the best insulation between wires.
The cable is shielded by a specially designed braided mesh to largely prevent the bad influence of radio waves. This ensures the purity of the transmitted current.
The selected superior plug ensures a good connection to the outlet.
The FP silver is well suited for both heavy amplifiers and high end sources.
The music is clearer, the picture beautiful and bass lines better defined.


The standard length is 1.5 meters. If desired, please contact us for a quotation of a different length.

Xindak FP Silver power cable (1.5 meter)

€ 349,00

  • Available
  • Levertijd: 10-15 dagen